Hey Scio Township Community!


Scio Township’s more than 16,000 residents lack sufficient public transportation options. The P4T VOTE YES Scio Township Campaign is working hard to change that!

On November 3rd, 2015, voters in the township will have a chance to approve a community wide funding mechanism that would secure 3 crucial connecting bus routes, attain Dial-A-Ride para-transit service, as well as an expanded bus route on Jackson Rd. from Zeeb Rd. and then onto Baker Rd.

For specifics about the service, ballot language, & proposed routes click here.

We hope we can count on your vote!

Public transportation benefits everyone and particularly our seniors and those with disabilities, a growing population.

  • Improves the quality of life for all by offering increased freedom, mobility, and opportunity
  • Connects Scio Township to the greater Ann Arbor area
  • Creates connections to jobs, businesses, vital services, and social and cultural activities
  • Reduces traffic and congestion in Scio Township; conserving our precious farmland and open areas

Our Supporters

Wake Up Washtenaw
Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
Donna Lasinski, Ann Arbor School Board Member
Barrier Busters
Huron Valley Labor Council
Integrated Health Care Association
Western Washtenaw Dems

Ann Arbor Dems

Running Fit
Quality 16
Coffee House Creamery
Ecology Center
Scio Farms Home Owners Association
Synergy Chiropractic

How to show your support

  • Follow The VOTE YES Scio Township Transit Campaign on facebook!
  • Sign up to volunteer

  • Sign your business, organization, or housing association up as an endorsee for the VOTE YES ballot committee 
  • To contribute, send in the form of a check to (memo line should say ‘P4T Ballot Committee’):
    Partners for Transit
    2809 Craig Road
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103

July 2015

Screen shot 2015-07-29 at 11.53.39 AM

Scio Township advances with unanimous approval of ballot language for a .3627 millage! Read the full summary here, July2015.Scio Township Field Notes


Scio Township residents continue to speak up for transit! Read Devlin Foley’s full testimony here, scio township reaction.Devlin.2015


Summary of State Funding for Transit.

Click here to see how Michigan compares to other states.

Why do we need regional transit infrastructure along the Michigan Avenue Corridor?


Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan wants your input!  Click here to offer your input.

A study of factors that inhibit and enable development of sustainable regional transit systems in Southeastern Michigan, March 2014

To read the full report (Executive summary starts at pg. 15), click here.

75 Percent Of Americans Support Using Tax Dollars To Improve The Country’s Public Transit Infrastructure

Read more details about the recent study by the Mineta Transportation Institute here.

June 2015

Scio Township Transit Survey Results


The AAATA transit survey results were presented at the Scio Township Board Meeting on June 9th. The results were very clear in demonstrating that the transportation expansion would have a strong ridership right from the get-go. Click here to find out more about the results, reactions to them, and next steps.

If you’d like to see the full survey presentation,click here.

We are also happy to provide videos of some of the Partners for Transit Scio Team members speaking about the importance of transit expansion in Scio Township. Click on the videos below to view:

New Service Coming in August

The Ride has improved services rolling out in August 2015. Check them out here!

Pittsfield Township-New Route

Pittsfield Township has a new bus route- check it out by clicking here!

Southeast Michigan Commuter Rail Service

Learn more about the Michigan Commuter Rail Service by clicking here!

Michigan by Rail-Coast-to-Coast Line

Click here to learn more about the Michigan Coast-to-Coast line!

Act Now! Tell Your State Senator to Fully Fund Michigan’s Transportation!


The Michigan Senate may decide the funding of our transportation system this week! Click here to take action and let your state senator know that you want a real fix for transportation!

March 2015

March Newsletter

Local Transit Organizing-Scio Township Transit Story from Judy

Judy Dinesen is a resident of Scio Township who recently shared with us why public transportation is so important to her and her community. 

Chilly Winters and Warm Solutions by Emilia Gutierrez

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Great Lakes Region experienced an extremely above normal amount of freezing days this past winter. Most Michiganders don’t need to read a weather report to know this because they’re faced with this frigid reality on a daily basis during our cold months…read more here…

Check Out Our New Donation Option!

We are excited to offer you the chance to support our campaign efforts financially via our new donation option on our Partners for Transit website. Check it out here!

May 2015 Vote- Update from the Field

The May vote on the Michigan Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Amendment, often referred to as Proposal 1, is coming up next month. Check out this great overview of the proposal to learn more about the measure.

The Ride Appoints a New CEO

University of Michigan grad Matt Carpenter has been appointed as the new CEO of the AAATA. Learn more about Carpenter’s background here.